Three renowned companies congregated with their fortes to create VOYAGE VOYAGE: 

Purposed to promote the joy, discovery, pleasure, excitement, and the lifestyle values of travel and tourism, VOYAGE VOYAGE also promises to boost Lebanon’s attraction as a prime travel and tourist destination.

VOYAGE VOYAGE will gather Industry professionals and stakeholders under one roof to offer visitors a genuine foretaste of exploration and adventure, with the plethora of participants featuring among others:

  • Airlines
  • Private jet companies
  • Travel agencies and tour operators
  • Travel assistance companies
  • Duty Free Zones
  • Hotel and hospitality groups
  • Car rental and taxi companies
  • Travel accessory brands and outlets
  • Souvenirs and gift shops
  • Local and international culinary brands of wines, spirits, sweets, nuts, etc.
  • Cruise line companies
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • International courier companies
  • Ministries
  • The Directorate General of General Security
  • Embassies

With the event venue designed to be creatively transformed to resemble a friendly airport setting, VOYAGE VOYAGE guiding concept is: